Thursday, September 27, 2018

From the Archives: 50 Years Ago This Week

The Romeo Observer, September 26, 1968:

1969 New Car Models! 

The talk of Romeo this week in The Romeo Observer, September 26, 1968 highlighted the new 1969 car models. 

Strangely absent from the issue is an advertisement from the local Romeo Rambler Sales, an American Motors Corporation (AMC) dealership that was located on Lafayette Street. 

Also, strangely absent, was news of the Vietnam War. However, news and accomplishments of local servicemen were acknowledged and shared. 

Just for kicks, I was interested to see how mighty the U.S. dollar was in 1968. The Inflation Calculator at calculates that the color TV purchased in 1968 for $525.00 
at a cumulative inflation rate of 624.6% would cost a whopping 


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