Thursday, September 13, 2018

From the Archives: 100 Years Ago This Week

The Romeo Observer, Wednesday, September 11, 1918

With the end of World War I a month away, the war was still very much in the news. A global headline read, "Stiffer Resistance of Enemy Fails to Stop Haig's Army Advance: German Retreat Has Begun to Show Signs of a Halt--Foe Apparently Means to Defend Every Foot in a Desperate Delaying Combat: British and French Armies Continue to Cut Their Way Into Foe Lines."

Governor Sleeper spoke about the war contributions of Michigan at the State Fair:

Romeo had one its own enlist this week, and also highlighted news about an injured soldier. A local lieutenant serving as a physician aboard a British ship who was home on leave described his experiences. "We look out for submarines when we get into the zone...but one soon gets accustomed to the danger."

Life marched on for Romeo as can be seen in the Picked up at Random section of the newspaper:
"Marshal Mellon cautions all auto drivers to see that tail lights are burning."
Also this week, found items include a license plate bearing the number 98184; and a dog, having a license number of 122,547.

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